25+ Things To Sell To Make Money ( Extra Cash )

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We all need extra money regardless of how much we earn. Certain belongings appear trivial, but you can make lots of money off their sale. However, the state of the product determines its perceived value. Do you ever ask yourself what to sell to make money?

In the face of emergencies, we are often tempted to auction off things we hold dear. It does not have to be this way. 

This list of things to sell to make money is compiled from my life and observations. I've found that when times get tough, it helps to plan what you will do in an emergency. Money is tight these days, and we must be prepared for anything! Regardless of whether your goal is just making some extra cash or building up a small business empire, this list provides plenty of ideas about things to sell to make money quickly.

This article covers 29 high-value possessions that can be quickly sold in exchange for quick cash. 

Where Can I Sell Things To Make Extra Cash?

So, where can you sell things to make extra cash? We've compiled a list of sites to help get you on the road to financial freedom. Each site has its unique selling point,

Facebook Marketplace: You can find and sell on Facebook for free. Facebook Marketplace connects you with people in your area looking for things to buy or trade, so it's not just another way to get rid of your junk.”

eBay:  If you have older items, consumers are more likely to pay more than newer products from the same manufacturer. The online auction site is one of the most popular for selling goods, but it's not an excellent option for selling things on the side. The site charges fees for each item you sell and takes a percentage of your profit.

Etsy is an online marketplace that allows you to sell items created by independent artists and designers. Etsy is an excellent place for crafters, designers, and other creatives who want to get their work out into the world without doing it themselves. The website allows sellers to list items from all over the world, which means there are plenty of opportunities for people with various skillsets and backgrounds.

Craigslist: This is another site that's best left to resell existing goods rather than make money from selling new products. Craigslist gets a lot of traffic and will allow you to reach your target audience, but it's not the best place to sell your stuff.

Amazon: If you're looking to sell something you no longer need, selling on Amazon is a great idea. Create an Amazon account, find a category right for your item, and get started! You can also see other sellers to create a group deal with and make more money.

25+ Things To Sell To Make Extra Money Fast

1. An Old Blog

Over a decade ago, almost everyone had a blog mainly for journaling. Many abandoned their blogs as time passed, yet they have grown in daily visitor count and domain authority, thanks to Google algorithms. At the moment, several people would be willing to purchase your blog at an attractive price. To check out the procedure and get started, click here

2. Old Books

Old books are things to sell to make quick cash. By old books, I do not mean those covered in dust or without back covers. You can only sell old books that are still intact. Individuals are looking for a special edition of certain books, from fiction to creative nonfiction and academic works. Go through your bookshelf, fetch books you no longer need, and upload them on these platforms. You would find a buyer. 

3. Fairly Used Laptop

Your need for that old laptop seems to be growing daily. Why not give it out? Buyers tend to pay about 60-70% of their initial price, depending on the model, market demand, and current condition.

4. Fairly Used Phones 

People are looking for a particular phone model but cannot afford to buy it from the producer. If your phone no longer catches your fancy, you can give it away and get quick cash in return.  

5. Dish Washer 

There are some home gadgets we rarely use. The dishwasher falls in this category. Are you more comfortable with washing the dishes manually? If yes, selling this gadget can fetch you real money quickly. 

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6. Toys

Kids toys are some of the best things to sell to make money. When your little ones have become adults, there is little or no attachment to the toys they had as children. This is the perfect time to give it away. Couples on a tight budget prefer to go for fairly used toys to cut expenses.

7. Bags

Constant shopping sprees leave you with bags you would rarely need. Screen your bag collection and select the most miniature bags required. Create an account on these sites and enlist all the bags you intend to sell. A buyer will come around within a couple of days. 

8. Jewelry 

The demand for jewelry has always been high. Some people invest their funds in buying gold and diamond accessories so that when the need arises, they can sell them quickly. You can sell some of your collection if you have more than enough. Jewelry is a woman's favorite treasure and some things to sell to make quick cash. The best places to sell jewelry online are Worthy.com and CashforGoldUSA.com.

9. Gift Cards

A relatively massive stack of gift cards commands value on platforms like Gift Card Granny and CardCash

10. Shoes

Are you a fan of popular designer shoes? Do you have sizes that no longer fit? Sites like OfferUp, VarageSale, and 5miles have plenty of buyers looking for products like yours. Shoes are popular and in demand and are one of the things to sell to make money. Give it a try.

11. Clothes

There's that cloth you barely wear because you don't like it. Some may have become too small for you. You can sell them at thrift stores instead of leaving them in your closet. Clothes are of everyday use and are some of the best things to sell to make money. Try thredUP or Poshmark.

12. Video Game Systems

When released, there is always massive hype around video games, and it's not uncommon to lose interest in it after a couple of years. The funny thing is that hardcore lovers would remain stuck to a particular game regardless of how old it has become. These are your potential customers.

13. Car

Depending on the need you have to fulfill, selling your car can fetch you an incredible amount of cash. However, this decision should not be made in a rush. 

Also, take time to research before selecting a buyer. The value of a car can vary broadly amongst buyers. 

14. Fitness Equipment

During your weight loss or bodybuilding journey, special equipment is needed. As time passes, the relevance declines, so giving them away may not seriously impact you. 

An important thing to remember is that the value of fitness equipment drops in proportion to years of use. The platform on which you intend to sell also affects its selling price. Look around to see the going price to avoid underselling. 

15. Sports Accessories 

Some athletes surf these websites searching for fairly used sports equipment within their budgets. Most of these sites have more buyers than sellers, so finding a buyer should not be a hassle. 

Gather around all sports accessories you no longer use. Thoroughly inspect them to ensure they are still in shape. Take note of repairs. You can either sell at a considerable discount rate, and then the buyer makes the repair, or you can do the repair yourself and sell at the going market price. 

16. Baby Stuff

We all want to get our babies cool stuff like toys, dolls, and playhouses, but not everyone can afford them. If you have things that benefit babies, you can wrap them up neatly and sell them. 

17. Musical Instruments

Many people tend to outgrow certain habits as they age. You may have built a nice collection of musical instruments but now realize they are useless. Several people are out there looking to have the instruments in their possession, but they cannot afford them. It's time to get on sites like eBay and Offer Up. Facebook is also a great place to search for buyers. 

18. Washing Machine 

Owning a washing machine relieves a lot of stress. The cost of purchasing new ones can be expensive, and some homes prefer to buy the fairly used ones so long as it works fine because the price will be reduced. Everyone needs a washing machine, making finding a buyer easy. 

19. Artworks 

Artwork reselling may not sound familiar, but it yields much money. Many are scared away from this due to copyright concerns, but it is legal in several states. Try to check your state laws to see what the current ruling is. 

You can sell artworks you already possess or buy and resell at a higher price. Extensive research must be done to understand market demands and the value attached to the various designs. 

20. Time

Everyone believes that time is money. There are so many ways you can sell your time. You can babysit people's children, play games online and get paid, take surveys, walk, and so on. These days, some companies are willing to spend a few bucks to bring you to watch things on their sites, test new inventions, and review products. 

21. Skills 

This might be the most lucrative on the list. Do you have skills that are in high demand? People earn as high as $500 per hour selling their online and offline talents. If you don't have a skill already, you can learn one. Skill is one of the best Things to Sell to Make Money.

High-demand skills include software engineering, web development, content creation, programming, and information technology. 

22. Talent

Do you have a fantastic voice? Are you exceptionally creative? Can you create killer dance moves effortlessly? 

You can become a voice talent, a singer, a dancer, or a designer. The services of these professionals are always needed, and Fine-tune your talents and monetize them. 

23. Experience 

Experience is priceless. As we grow older, our outlook on life gets more beautiful, the same thing that happens in our careers and businesses.  Your experience is one of your best things to sell to make money quickly.

Everyone wants someone to hold their hand, walk them through difficult paths, save them from their impulsive self, and help them make more accurate decisions. This is where your experience becomes valuable, and you can choose to share it in exchange for cash. 

Most people who sell their experiences become coaches or consultants, and they get paid when people pay for consultations or purchase a coaching program. Others focus on making courses and writing books, and the thirsty market simplifies the sales process. 

24. Hair

Are you from a region where people are blessed with long, soft, and beautiful hair and ever considered selling your hair? If you haven't been doing this, you should seriously consider it. The human hair market is worth millions. 

Moreover, being uncomfortable with the idea of selling your hair is okay. This is cool, and you don't have to. You can engage in the selling or reselling of other people's hair. To do this, you must stay connected with industries that process it to its final stage. 

25. Drug Testing 

When pharmaceutical companies release new drugs, they like to have them tested on a few people before sending them to the larger population. Although, this is after the drugs have been tested on our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. 

Usually, people volunteer to have the drugs tested on them, requiring bravery and a robust immune system. If you are suffering from an underlying health condition, it's best to avoid this option. However, the rewards are often very handsome. 

26. Rental Property/Real Estate 

Do you own a piece of land or a house in a strategic location? If yes, selling such property at a time of need could be your saving grace. Due to the versatility of the real estate industry, locating a buyer is easy. Underselling can be tempting; ensure you resist that urge. Rental property is still among the best Things to Sell to Make Money.

You might not own a large property, but renting out a room in your home or basement could fetch you quick cash. This may be inconvenient depending on the architecture of your home, but it's still a fast way to raise some money. 

27. Your Views

Quora has joined the league of platforms to offer premium packages. It maintains its old model where anyone can create an account and post a question, and the audience can then provide answers based on their experiences. 

Recently, answers shared by some people were locked. Users must pay a membership fee to gain access, and a percentage of the accrued revenue is credited to the author of the answer. 

You will need to meet some requirements to join the monetization program. This includes spending a particular amount of time on the website, having a complete profile with a decent amount of followers, and having high post-view statistics. 

Also, there are many sites like 

Quora that pays you to share your views. Check them out

28. Business Ideas

Are you a creative engine for unique business ideas? Many people like you, and very few know they can make money selling their business ideas. 

You should note two things before selling: you no longer own your idea after selling it, and it doesn't guarantee employment at the company. 

So, think this through properly before selling. 

If you intend to manage the business, you should create a proposal and pitch it yourself. There are many notable investors out there looking to invest in creative ideas. This way, you remain at the helm of affairs for as long as you desire. 

However, to sell your idea, you must, first of all, have your concept copyrighted. This will save you from encountering fraud during the negotiation process. Next, pitch your idea. Remember, you are trying to sell it, so outline how scalable the venture will be. Everything should be detailed as it makes the selling process more manageable. 

Also, you would need a lot of patience because it would take time to find a buyer ready to pay what your idea is worth. 

29. Your Sense of Humor

Sharing jokes and comical work with people is an excellent way to earn fast cash. You can share and monetize content across various social media platforms with ads.

The comedy industry seems populated, but eager ears are still waiting to hear something fresh and different.

Conclusion: Genius Things To Sell To Make Money Now

As you can see, there are many creative ways to think about how to make money by selling things. The list we've compiled here is not exhaustive, and some great ideas may be out there. If you're looking for quick cash, here are 25+ genius things to sell to make money. These ideas can be profitable even if you don't have a lot of capital upfront. We hope this list helps provide some inspiration and direction for finding suitable for your business needs!

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